There’s an easier way to code in containerized environments

Raftt saves you from the frustrations of configuring, maintaining, and sharing development environments on your local machine.

Remote dev envs in seconds  •  Collaborate with a single URL  •  Debug containers interactively

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Raftt saves each developer up to
two hours per day.

It increases productivity and improves their morale. I love the ability to build environments that are as close to production as possible. Raftt has completely transformed the way our dev team operates.״

Omri Mendellevich

CTO and Co-Founder at Clay

I find Raftt to be truly dev‑o‑licous 🙂

What really excites me about it is that it’s a simple tool to implement, but Raftt is also incredibly sophisticated and expandable. Raftt is a huge asset for our team, rocket-boosting our DX to new heights.״

Erik Zaadi

Senior Developer at Salto

Raftt shortened our dev env setup time from days to minutes

It integrates into our git workflow, has significantly shortened our dev cycle, and makes it trivial to share live, working environments between R&D and product.״

Asaf Geva

VP R&D at EasySend

Relying on cumbersome locally-run containers slows down your development

Containers were designed to simplify production, not development. So even if you get past the pain-to-deal-with drift and decay in your local env — you still spend hours working out what’s going on.

But what if you could use a nifty little Raftt instead?

Cloud-based environments with a click

The flexibility of the cloud. The familiarity of your local machine.

With Raftt’s platform, you can spawn an unlimited number of consistent remote envs to run your code. Without losing the feeling of local development with your existing workflows and IDEs.

The drift of long-lasting local environments now lives in the dustbin of history.

Remote collboration

Collaborate — without carrying your computer

With Raftt, you can share a URL to your remote dev env with your teammates. So you can collaborate and debug together in real-time.
Your product lead can always access the link — even after you’ve switched to work on a different feature.

No more waiting for meetings or annoying screen shares — now the code works on all your machines.

Remote container debugging

Easily debugging containers is now a thing

Raftt lets you interactively debug containers inside your IDE by changing the nature of how they work. And now, when your container’s main process dies, the container doesn’t capsize with it.
With Raftt, you don’t lose your logs and the ability to detect processes all at once.

Finally, containers are suitable for development — not just DevOps.

Tools agnostic

Carry on coding as if nothing ever happened

Raftt spawns remote environments regardless of whatever IDE, language, DB client, or tech stack you use.

You can keep using the tools you love without having to learn new products or workflows.

Stop wasting time worrying about your dev env.
Concentrate on your code.

The ability to focus on doing what you love best can be more than a bottled-up desire lost in a sea of frustration. Make it a reality — with Raftt.