Why Raftt?

Development environments,
designed for devs

The result of app architecture innovation prioritizing production over development for far too long? Devs finding themselves out at sea, struggling to manage breath-and-they-break containerized envs.

Slow to configure, fast to drift, and near impossible to replicate — these delicate snowflakes are not the way to deliver quality apps to your customers at speed. It’s time your env served your needs, not the other way around. It’s time to hop on a Raftt…

What is Raftt?

Navigating complex dev envs makes coding heavy work…

We know what life as a dev really looks like.

The hours you lose maintaining and stabilizing obstinate envs

The productivity you waste waiting for endless CI cycles just to check if your code actually works

The Tylenol you take because that container is just impossible to debug

We know, because that was our life too. Like you, we grew frustrated losing two-thirds of our time on non-development tasks. Because like you, all we wanted to focus on was writing flawless code.

...so we built Raftt to put back the wind in your development sails

Raftt is the only platform that moves your runtime dev env to the cloud and lets you code, test, and debug using your existing local tools.

So you can do more of what drives you — building apps. And take thinking about your environment totally off the radar.

It’s time to enjoy coding again!

Connect with other engineers in our private Slack community to find out more about how Raftt can improve your day-to-day life as a dev.

Meet the captains of our crew

Roy Iarchy
Co-Founder & CEO
Gahl Saraf
Co-Founder & CTO

These high-brow investors couldn’t wait to jump aboard

Adi Sharabani
CTO at Snyk
Ariel Assaraf
CEO at Coralogix
Ariel Maislos
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Benny Schnaider
Co-founder at Salto
Gilad Engel
Partner at Target Global
Gil Hoffer
Co-founder at Salto
Nimrod Priell
CEO at Cord
Ofer Bar-Or
COO at Simplex
(acquired by Nuvei)
Rami Tamir
Co-founder and CEO at Salto

Stop wasting time worrying about your dev env.
Concentrate on your code.

The ability to focus on doing what you love best can be more than a bottled-up desire lost in a sea of frustration. Make it a reality — with Raftt.