Need fast iterations with hot reload, debugging, and collaboration over k8s envs?

Containerized Development for Open Source Made Easy (and Free)!

Assaf Avital
December 25, 2022
 min read

How often do you find yourself wasting time by using the same development approach each time you need to make an update or create new code? If you're constantly jumping back and forth between your code and your terminal then you need to check out Raftt, which makes cloud development easier than ever - and now, for free!

### **What is Raftt?**

Raftt is an easy to use, cloud based development tool that provides a hassle-free way to start developing your apps. In seconds, you can have your own remote dev env up and running, and start focusing on what really matters  -  building your application, not worrying about all of the time-consuming complexities that come with it.

Raftt’s solution creates remote environments based on existing IaC definitions - docker-compose, [helm charts or Kubernetes YAMLs]( - and connects them seamlessly to your local computer. Code hot reloading, debugging and collaboration are available OOTB.

### Why Free? And Why Now?

Raftt is built *“For Developers, By Developers”*! We are passionate about coding, and we’re dedicated to make all developers’ workflows amazing. The newly available free version of Raftt brings the experience to everyone. Concentrate on your code and save precious time when working and collaborating on open-source projects!

Contact us to gain the benefits of Raftt for your private projects, along with:

- Deployment of *any* project, be it public or private.
- Longer dev env lifetime.
- Stronger, dedicated cluster just for you.
- Env collaboration and sharing between developers.

### I’m In! Where Do I Sign Up?

We’ve prepared a [short tutorial]( to walk you through spawning your first Raftt environment. Your onboarding couldn’t be easier, and is only a CLI installation away! Launch your remote dev env for any open-source project you’d like (or use our lovely [sample app]

If you have a project you’d like configure to work with Raftt, take a look here.

Assaf Avital

Stop wasting time worrying about your dev env.
Concentrate on your code.

The ability to focus on doing what you love best can be more than a bottled-up desire lost in a sea of frustration. Make it a reality — with Raftt.