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Writing .raftt Files Has Never Been Easier - Introducing Code Completion

The Raftt Team
August 24, 2023
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## Environment definition

Raftt dev envs are defined using a Python-like ([Starlark]( dialect. It allows users to leverage the power and flexibility of a programming language when defining their env.

Most `.raftt` files are very short and require only a few lines of code per service (and they can be reused too!). For more complex envs, a more complex definition may be required. Raftt’s configuration language provides the flexibility allowing to customize the dev-env for the perfect DevEx.

## Code completion

The highlight of this release is the Language Server. This integration enables code completion of our configuration language, suggesting context-aware options as you type.

To enjoy this new feature, make sure the versions of your Raftt CLI and Raftt IDE plugin are new enough -

- Raftt CLI version ≥ 109.5.1
- Raftt [VS Code extension]( ≥ 2.1.1 or [Raftt JetBrains plugin]( ≥ 10.0.1

### VS Code support

VS Code fully supports LSP, so you can view function signatures and details about each input arg in addition to the code completion.

### JetBrains support

JetBrains [recently announced]( they incorporated LSP support into their IntelliJ platform, **starting with the 2023.2 version**. The IDE’s support of LSP features is still partial, so most features other than code completion aren’t implemented yet. As JetBrains completes their implementation of the LSP, the experience writing `.raftt` files there will improve.

### API reference

The new Language Server is based on our newly released API [documentation]( This documentation is a complete reference to the modules, classes, and methods available in Raftt’s configuration language.

## Looking forward

We are constantly working on improving the onboarding experience to Raftt, and exciting things are on the way. Have a good idea? Or some feedback? [Let us know](!

The Raftt Team

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